Every student deserves to experience college at its best

Every student deserves to experience college at its best

TruMotivate empowers students to become confident self-advocates, show up as their best selves, and engage in meaningful and deeply fulfilling ways within your campus community.

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Ensure Student Success

The only narrative-based assessment for college students that is powered by science and story

As students step onto campus and into adulthood, they bring stories with them that have shaped who they are and how they show up in the world.

The TruMotivate assessment uses students’ stories of achievement and success, and more than half a century of behavioral data and scientific research, to reveal their MCode — what motivates them and drives them to not only perform at their best but to also:

Take charge of their education and academic journey.

Take advantage of everything your campus has to offer.

Take ownership of their value, engagements, and actions.

Take control of their career path and future.

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Enhance your First-Year Experience Programs by giving students greater clarity and purpose

Along with excitement, first-year students stepping onto campus for the first time, moving away from home, and choosing majors that will impact their futures often experience overwhelm and feel uncertainty and anxiety about the decisions they must make. TruMotivate increases the impact of first-year experience programs by helping these students better understand who they are so they can step into greatness and move forward with confidence.


at their best

When students are motivated they go all-in. Motivation paired with an undeniable purpose and clear path is the secret to high-performance, success, and satisfaction.


at its best

When students take advantage of the wealth of opportunities and resources available on campus and through your programs, they find belonging and happiness.


at its best

When students do their best work and contribute in significant and rewarding ways, they feel a greater sense of purpose, achievement, and fulfillment.


at its best

When students fully embrace their value and are appreciated for who they are, they become unstoppable and wake up looking forward to the day ahead every day.

TruMotivate is more than a personality test or career assessment

Students are more than their skills and strengths and more than the labels most assessments assign them. The truth is, a student can be using their strengths in a way that matches their personality and still struggle to care about what they’re doing.

What’s missing is motivation — understanding why they have those strengths and what drives them to get involved, give it their best, keep going in the face of challenge, and achieve success — and that’s what makes the TruMotivate assessment so valuable.

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Enhance student engagement campus-wide

Help students better understand themselves, how they think, and what they need so they can find their place within the campus community and thrive.

Set students up for success beyond college

Leverage motivation-driven insights to connect students to their purpose, ignite their passion, and identify their best-fit majors and career paths.

Improve the college experience ROI

Amplify the transformational impact of the college experience by facilitating deep personal growth and engaging students in memorable and rewarding ways.

Science + Story = Immediately actionable results

Unlike other personality assessments and career aptitude tests, TruMotivate starts with students’ stories and asks questions about their experiences within those stories. The assessment then applies 60+ years of validated scientific methodology and insights from more than one million achievement stories to reveal their unique Motivation Code or MCode.

Share the TruMotivate assessment

When your campus becomes a TruMotivate partner, you can share our 30-minute assessment with your students for free. It’s a perfect addition to first-year experience programs and new student orientation programs.

Transform the advising experience

The TruMotivate report, shared with students and their advisors, provides immediately actionable insights into who a student is, how they’re motivated, what matters to them, and what majors and careers they are purposed for.

Drive personal growth and self confidence

Our student guidebook leads students through the application of their results in areas like leadership, choosing a major or career path, conflict resolution, communication, working with groups, and interview preparation.

TruMotivate unlocks student satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness, which leads to increased retention, higher graduation rates, and stronger alumni engagement

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When students are connected to their campus and their student experience in meaningful ways, they are more likely to come back year after year, graduate with success, find a job they enjoy, and remain involved as alumni.

TruMotivate helps campuses lay a strong foundation for student engagement and student success by addressing the why behind students’ decisions, actions, and feelings — and when students understand their why, they are emboldened to give it their best, shine their brightest, and pursue their dreams, whatever they may be.

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