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Use stories as inspiration to uncover your student’s unique motivations. Motivations provide the language for advisors to support students as they articulate their unique why, express their values, and identify environments to flourish. TruMotivate translates time-tested motivations into practical applications for today’s students.


A narrative-based online assessment experience; only 20+ minutes to complete.

TruMotivate provides each person new awareness and insights for career exploration and personal growth.


Benefits organizations of all kinds

Colleges and Universities

Recognize and celebrate the motivations each student is uniquely gifted with to assist them with career choices.

Corporations and Employers

Know what motivates your potential hires to make sure they are the right fit for the role, enhancing employee retention.

Non-profit Organizations

Better understand the potential alignment of motivation and mission for job fit. Discover what motivates your current volunteers and employees.

Partner Platforms

TruMotivate enhances your offerings and insights.


  • TRUMOTIVATE provided thought provoking questions about my successes and a clear analysis of them, and the rather daunting nature of 'personal vocation' was broken down into distinct, easy to understand aspects. Most importantly, this process helped me stop second guessing myself and affirmed my living fully as the individual I was created to be—with practical suggestions for living with passion and without fear. 

    Alex McKenna
    Alex McKenna Student
  • I thought this assessment was different than other personality tests you can take online because it wasn’t broad, open ended questions about who you are. Instead it took a specific instance in your life where you felt accomplished and proud and you work from that to answer questions about your personality in that instance. The results I received were extremely accurate to how I view myself and how my parents view me. This assessment educated me on my gifts and abilities and gave me some insight into how I might use my gifts in the real world. I really enjoyed taking part in this assessment.

    Quinn Northrup
    Quinn Northrup Student
  • TRUMOTIVATE has really helped me connect the dots in my job search as I prepare to graduate.  I’m using my top motivations as screeners for potential job fit in my interviewings. For example, with Collaborate I like being part of a team; so this becomes a job screener for me and I can naturally share examples of how I’ve collaborated with others throughout my life. I got so many practical insights like this!

    Brian Olson
    Brian Olson Student
  • My motivational characteristics, career roles and ways I contribute felt spot on and I really liked that this was built from my life and stories—as opposed to hypothetical situations. The experience provided a good launching pad for knowing myself better and taking practical next steps.

    Brook Stensgard
    Brook Stensgard Student
  • This was such a life giving process. After my debrief I literally skipped my way to meeting with my friends. People asked me why I was so happy. I couldn't really tell them except that I understood myself so much better. It's actually helped me function better. Now that I know my motivations and can recognize what drains/energizes me, I understand how to work with myself instead of against myself.

    Melika Boutin
    Melika Boutin Student
  • My top motivations all seemed pretty spot on with how I do things and what I'm driven by. I resonated most with the "characteristics" and the “ways you contribute” sections of each motivation because for me it is important to see the role I play in the bigger picture and the value that I can bring to situations. This is a way to see what makes you unique, what you bring to the table and how your role is needed. So, very helpful.

    Erika Wells
    Erika Wells Student



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