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Motivated students are successful students

Motivated students are successful students

Your best students — those who become your inspiring success stories and most active alumni supporters — engage in the campus community, excel in the classroom, make meaningful connections, and take advantage of everything your campus offers. They know themselves well, have a clear path forward, and are motivated to succeed.

What if that described every student on your campus?

What would change if every student understood the value they have to contribute, where they fit in best, and what majors and career paths are a perfect match?

It’s possible when you bring TruMotivate onto your campus. Our assessment provides unrivaled insights for college students that lead to greater satisfaction and happiness — and happy students don’t drop out. In fact, when students understand how they are motivated, they are primed to shine in every part of their lives.

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A simple 3-Step process

The TruMotivate assessment walks students through a fully-guided, three-step reflection and discovery process that only takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Step One

Share stories

Using a special link unique to your campus, students register and share a few of their most meaningful and satisfying achievements. These stories can be from any part of their lives, and we’ll help them choose which stories to share.

Step Two

Answer questions

Students will then answer a series of questions about each of their achievement stories, and how they felt, what they did, what they enjoyed, and why the stories they shared matter. They’ll do this by ranking their answers on a scale of 1-10.

Step Three

Get Results

When the assessment is complete, we’ll apply proprietary science and human design insights to produce a personalized report that reveals a student’s MCode. This PDF report is shared with the student and their assessment facilitator.

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How the TruMotivate assessment works

The TruMotivate assessment and report helps students truly see themselves and what makes them brilliant. It highlights their MCode (what motivates them) and explains how it can be applied to all aspects of their college experience.

The goal is to help students experience college at its best, so they can live life at its best.

When used in academic advising, career services, first-year experience programs, and new student orientation programs, TruMotivate supports faculty, staff, campus leaders, academic advisors, career counselors, and even peer advisors in their missions to provide students with meaningful, relevant, transformational support.

I’m intrigued! Tell me what a student will experience when they take the assessment.

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Stories: Students identities are shaped by their personal achievement stories

A student’s stories explain a lot about who they are, what makes them unique, and how they best contribute to the world around them. And it’s not just about past achievements. It’s also about which experiences they share and why they carry meaning and stickiness.

TruMotivate asks students to think back to their best moments and proudest accomplishments — times when they loved what they were doing and were happy, engaged, deeply satisfied, giving it their all, and performing at their best.

The assessment guides students step-by-step through the process of selecting which achievement stories to share and identifying important details from their experiences.

Questions: How students feel about their stories makes a difference

What matters even more than the stories a student shares is how they felt in the moment when those experiences were playing out, and what those experiences mean to them today.

All of the questions a student is asked during the assessment are about their stories and why they matter enough to be shared. A student’s why is one of the driving factors that will reveal what they value and what’s important to them, what they’re great at and enjoy doing, and what motivates them to think and act the way they do.

Questions ask students about their stories to uncover the role played, the actions taken, the resulting accomplishments, and why it all matters. They’ll answer using a 1-10 rating scale.

Science: Applying science to story produces OMG-that’s-me results

TruMotivate is an adaptation of the MCode Assessment designed specifically to help college students better understand themselves and identify their best fit majors and career paths.

It’s based on 60+ years of scientific and empirical research using SIMA® (System for Identifying Motivated Abilities), data mining, insights from decades of personal coaching on motivation, and the assessments of more than a million achievement stories from people from all walks of life and career paths

A proprietary evaluation process will apply proven science to students’ stories and their answers to identify their unique MCode, and produce relevant and meaningful results.

Results: Students discover their driving motivations and see a brighter future

The TruMotivate report explains a student’s MCode — their top five motivations and a ranking of all motivations from strongest to weakest. It helps students understand themselves and the underlying motivations that drive their thoughts, decisions, actions, and ultimate feelings of satisfaction and fulfillment.

The report also highlights work environments and career possibilities (linked with O*Net) that align with what lights them up, what brings them joy, and what work they find meaningful and rewarding.

A personalized report aligns school and work with motivation to help students gain self-awareness, overcome obstacles, achieve breakthroughs, and choose majors and career paths.

Application: Inspire personal growth and self-advocacy on and off campus

Relevant insights about a student’s personality, strengths, motivations and career possibilities don’t mean anything if they can’t or don’t know how to apply them to improve their college experience.

TruMotivate highlights a student’s unique motivational characteristics and contributions. It gives them the language needed to clearly communicate their value and where they excel, proactively seek support when needed, objectively evaluate career choices, and confidently engage within their campus community and beyond.

Students learn to use their newfound personal clarity to align their majors, courses, activities, and behaviors with their motivations so more days are their best days.

How TruMotivate works for campus partners

When you become a campus partner, we’ll set you up as an assessment administrator and give you access to our private partner portal. Everything you need to use TruMotivate is contained within your portal. 

When you (or a member of your campus staff) log in, you’ll be able to:

Set up faculty and staff user accounts.

Manage the distribution of assessments.

Track the status of assigned assessments.

Access summary and full reports for every student.

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College at its best.

When students truly see themselves and understand the why that drives everything they do, they are empowered to make good decisions, be self-sufficient, and give it their all even when things get tough. When they know what energizes and drains them, where they excel and struggle, and what they should seek out or watch out for, they become masters of their schedules and lives.

These are your student success stories.

Bringing TruMotivate to your campus helps engage students and unlocks a better, brighter future for students, faculty and staff, academic and career advisors, and parents alike — and the best part is that it’s free.

There is no cost to introduce the TruMotivate assessment to your students or integrate it into your campus courses and programs.

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