Facilitator Guide

Our go-to guide for all facilitators. This guide is perfect for revising before debriefs or refreshing yourself on the motivations. It holds everything you learned in training, and more.

Peer Facilitators Guide

The guide for all Peer Facilitators. Designed to help provide extra support in debriefs and activities.

27 Motivations

The complete list of all 27 Motivations. Includes families, characteristics, descriptions, work environments, and more.

Featured Resources


Feedback Quick Sheet

A quick and easy reference guide for times where you just need a refresher before a facilitation.

Questions for Story Inquiry

Questions for keeping in your back pocket to ask during feedback sessions as a way of facilitating deeper discussions.

Motivational Flow Worksheet

Perfect pre-feedback worksheet, designed to help get thoughts and application flowing about their motivations.

Group Debrief Facilitation Guide

A timeline to help guide you through your first initial group debrief, including slide notes and content.

Group Debrief Powerpoint

Powerpoint resource for your initial group debrief.

Pair and Share Acitivity

Our most popular activity. This handout is designed for students to use their stories and others’ to practice identifying and applying motivations.


Motivational Statement Handout

This activity is recommended to understand how one’s individual motivations works in combination together to create a unique statement about who they are.

Motivational Statements Video

Learn how to create a motivational statement and see how some of our favorite Friends characters motivations in action.

Motivational Statements Webinar


3 Students Express Trumotivate Impact

Hear three students express how TruMotivate has impacted them.

Pair and Share Peer Example

Watch an example of a peer Pair and Share.

Student Produced TruMotivate Video

A video about TruMotivate, produced by students who used the tool.

Welcome to TruMotivate

Hear how the assessment works and what TruMotivate is all about.

Determine Environmental Fit

Activity to help students consider how motivations fit into different work environments through the process of asking questions and discernment.

Using the ONET

Handout for explaining the ONET resource in connection to TruMotivate.

Reflect on Work Environments

Activity where students compare what work environments might be motivating or demotivating to them and explore careers that peak their interest.

Organization or Entrepreneur

In this activity, students explore the differences between working for an organization or entrepreneurship.

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