• As someone that works with assessments frequently, I found TRUMOTIVATE to be fresh and effective. Motivations are not something I talk about often with clients, but this assessment convinced me motivations should be a part of all career decisions. Additionally, I loved the activities at the end because they provide structure and action steps for the facilitator to take with the client.

    Ali O'Reilly
    Ali O'Reilly University Career Coach
  • I am thrilled to offer our students the TRUMOTIVATE assessment.  I believe it is a great foundational tool for students to discover their unique design and what motivates them.  It is a very valuable resource in helping students in their career exploration journey.

    April Stensgard
    April Stensgard University Career Development Director
  • I believe this is a great tool for students to use early in their school years because of the benefits they will receive from discovering more about themselves.

    Paul Kim
    Paul Kim University Career Development Specialist
  • It has been fun to see our students realize what they are most passionate about, and it allows them the first stepping stone in planning for their own future. They are able to realize they can do so many other careers than initially thought.

    Maddie Wood
    Maddie Wood Director, Youth Vocational Development Program
  • The TRUMOTIVATE assessment has been a huge eye opener for our students as they look to form a future plan for their life after high school. Our students and one-to-one career coaches have said that this assessment has been by far the most useful tool for them as they discover what they are passionate about.

    Val Martin
    Val Martin Assistant Direction, Youth Vocational Development Program


Complete the On-line Assessment

  • Personal achievement stories
  • Rating levels of meaning/satisfaction
  • Fast – about 20 minutes to complete
  • Mobile friendly

Receive Instant Report

  • Personal Top-5 core motivations revealed
  • Profiles work environment for high and low fit
  • Personal rankings against all 27 core motivations
  • Suggested ways your motivations contribute in this world

Explore Tailored Career Recommendations

  • Connect Motivations to Career Connections
  • Link to career exploration in MY NEXT MOVE
  • Motivational themes mapped to O*NET

Manage Activity Via Facilitator Portal

  • Easily distribute individual or group assessments
  • Track status and access reports
  • Manage roles for access control

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