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We’ve collected the questions asked most often about the TruMotivate assessment and companion guidebook, by both students and prospective campus partners.

Check out our FAQs below and if you don’t find an answer to your question, reach out. We’re happy to help.

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Questions Asked By Students

The TruMotivate assessment is designed for college students, aged 17 to 23 years old. It’s especially helpful for first-year college students and those beginning their higher education journeys, as it will help you get the most out of your college experience and investment. Our assessment is also valuable for students feeling stuck, struggling to find their groove, or experiencing uncertainty about their major or career path.

If you’re in junior high school or high school, check out our TruSpark assessment. If you’re a parent or adult who is intrigued by the TruMotivate experience, check out our MCode assessment for adults, working professionals, businesses, coaches, and leaders. If you’re looking for a faith-based version of our assessment, check out our TruCenter assessment.

If you’re a student or parent who needs to purchase our Optimize Your College Experience student guidebook, you can do so on this website for $49.95 + shipping. Click here to go straight to the checkout page.

Nope! Your results won’t change because what makes you uniquely you doesn’t change. You are inherently wired to be driven by specific motivators that do not change regardless of age, experience, life events, major changes, your environment or circumstances, or even your haircuts.

Because your results don’t change over time, you only need to complete the TruMotivate assessment once. And you never have to take it again just to get another copy of your assessment results. Your unique report is downloadable so you can keep a copy forever.

After graduation, when you’ve secured a great job and are a member of the workforce, you may want to introduce your coworkers to MCode — the professional version of our assessment that leans more heavily into workplace dynamics and interpersonal skills.

We LOVE that you want to order multiple copies of our Optimize Your College Experience student guidebook. It’s a great resource for learning how to apply your assessment results to school, interviewing, work, and more.

But think about this guidebook like a school textbook. There isn’t a discount for ordering multiple copies unless you’re ready to place a bulk order for more than one hundred copies. If that’s the case, our sales team can help.

Your guidebook is shipped via USPS mail. Average guidebook delivery estimates are 2-10 days.

While it’s not a definitive answer, the best answer is that it depends on the level of damage. If your guidebook is unusable, we’re happy to send you a new one.

Start by reaching out to our student support team to let them know your guidebook was damaged. They’ll ask you to send them a picture or two of the damaged book. If it meets our criteria for replacement, we’ll ship a new one to you ASAP.

Nope! All student guidebook purchases are final and we do not offer refunds.

Reach out! We believe every student should have the opportunity to take the TruMotivate assessment and discover their MCode, regardless of whether their campus offers it or not. Contact our team to gain access.

We’ve got you — and them! Our goal is to make the TruMotivate assessment available to as many college students as possible, even if it’s not available as a resource on their campus. Simply tell your friend to visit this website and contact our team to gain access.

Not really! It can be a “choose your own adventure” experience of self discovery!

You can jump straight to the chapter or activity that provides the support you need when you need it. You can also come back to any chapter or activity over and over again as you progress through college, interview for internships or jobs, work in group situations, apply for jobs, and more.

With that said, you will find that several of the activities build on or reference the clarity gained from activities in previous chapters, especially the activities from Chapters 1 and 2.

After completing the TruMotivate assessment, you’ll receive a short summary report and a full-length detailed report, both of which are personalized for you.

Along with insights about what makes you YOU and how you’re motivated, you’ll learn how your unique blend of motivations play out in how you engagement with people and how you best contribute to the world around you.

We then match your top motivations with the career paths that best align with who you are, what you’re great at, and most importantly, what gives you energy and leads to happiness, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

Your report also connects our recommendations to O*Net and the My Next Move website to help you further explore your best-fit career opportunities.

You can then take your major and career exploration one step further by completing the self-guided major and career exploration activities in our Optimize Your College Experience student guidebook.

Nope! The Optimize Your College Experience student guidebook is a companion to the TruMotivate assessment that builds upon the wealth of personalized insights and tailored career recommendations included in the assessment report.

With only the free assessment, you’ll better understand who you are and what motivates you and drives your thoughts, decisions, and actions. You’ll also discover your unique value, how you best contribute in the world, how to talk about what makes you special, and what majors and career paths best align with what gives you deep satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness.

Think of our guidebook as an add-on resource for students who want to further explore who they are and how they show up in the world, and learn how to apply their TruMotivate findings in different areas of their lives so they can show up at their best.

Questions Asked By Colleges

Our parent company, Motivations AI, knows that the secret to living life at its best is knowing and embodying your MCode — what motivates you and makes you uniquely YOU. Our leadership believes so strongly in its ability to change the world that they’ve given us the green light to remove every obstacle and make the TruMotivate assessment available to as many college students as possible so they can experience college at its best.

With that said, we do have a small yet mighty team and aren’t a non-profit organization, so we drive our revenue from sales of our Optimize Your College Experience student guidebook, which leverages the findings within the TruMotivate report to support students as they engage on campus, grow into self-sufficient adults, and become members of the workforce.

Nope! There is no limit on the number of assessments a campus partner can administer or the number of students that can be empowered with TruMotivate. We believe every student deserves to experience college, work, and life at its best, which means every student deserves access to the assessment and it’s personalized reports.

Nope! This is not an introductory offer or a limited time deal, and we can promise that we have zero plans to change that. Our promise is that your campus, once you become a partner, will always be able to provide our assessment to your students for free.

Nope! Bringing TruMotivate to your campus is free. And when we say free, we mean it. No tricks. No surprises. No hidden fees.

When you become a campus partner, you gain administrator access to our assessment portal. Through. the portal you can manage the distribution of assessments, track the status of assigned assessments, and access summary reports and full reports for every student, without incurring any fees.

TruMotivate is not meant to be in competition with other assessments, because there’s no other assessment like it.

Personality assessments are helpful tools but the truth is, a person can be using their strengths in a role that matches their personality and still feel uninspired, unfulfilled, and unsatisfied.

Career assessments provide interesting options but fail to take into account the type of work roles, activities, cultures, and environments that either energize or drain someone, which often means recommendations fail to lead to happiness and satisfaction.

What’s missing is motivation — understanding why someone has those strengths and what drives them to engage, do their best, persist no matter what, and achieve success — and that’s what makes the TruMotivate assessment so valuable.

TruMotivate identifies an individual’s unique MCode, which explains who they are and what their strengths are, what motivates them and why it matters, how motivations affect their decisions and actions, and of course, how it all maps to their major and career path.

Never. We never sell student data. We value students and their privacy over all else and will never sell or share a student’s private information or assessment details.

Yes! We are FERPA compliant. An HECVAT and VPAT can be provided upon request.

The first year of a student’s higher education journey is the most impactful time to experience TruMotivate. Our campus partners have found New Student Orientation and First Year Experience engagements to be the perfect time to introduce the assessment because it sets students up for long-term success.

Unlike other assessments that require extensive (and expensive) training or certification, no training is required to use the TruMotivate assessment.

Your faculty, leadership, advisors, staff, and even your student workers will be able to support students not only in their assessment experience but also in understanding and applying their results.

Also, with insights, instructions, and activities included, our Optimize Your College Experience student guidebook is the perfect companion tool to use in student coaching, advising, workshops, discussions, coursework, and even as a self-study tool.

Administrative access to our assessment portal, which includes the ability to give students access to the assessment and staff access to student reports, is limited to active campus partners and their approved advisors, faculty, and staff. To become a campus partner, contact our sales team to schedule an exploratory conversation.

YES! We wholeheartedly support integrating our Optimize Your College Experience student guidebook into your required first-year courses, new student orientation programs, first-year experience programs, and across your campus.

Yes! If you’re a campus partner looking to purchase the guidebook in bulk (at least 100 copies), please contact our sales team for pricing and timelines.