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Real-World Application

Help students optimize their college experience and step into adulthood

Every student can be a great student, a valuable group member, a productive part of the campus community, and an empowered, confident self-advocate if they start off on the right foot, with clarity about who they are, how they best contribute, and how to navigate the world around them.

The TruMotivate Optimize Your College Experience student guidebook builds upon a student’s assessment results to help them apply their MCode — what motivates them to be their best.

This first-of-it’s-kind workbook guides students step-by-step through the application of their assessment results in areas like:

Self-awareness and self-management

Academic major and career path exploration

Communication and conflict resolution

Productivity and high-performance

Leadership, mindset, and group dynamics

Interview preparation, internships, and work

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“From interviews to internships, the guidebook is a set of footprints for both students and Career Services to follow in and out of the classroom. This needs to be in every Career Advisor’s toolbox, and every campus should consider adding this to their portfolio of First-Year Experience courses. I plan to use it in my junior Career Management course this fall.”

Michael Keibler

— Michael S. Keibler, Ed.D. | Executive Director, Cooperative Education & Industry Liaison, Hahn Administration, Wayne State

Leverage the Guidebook three different ways

The TruMotivate assessment is game-changing on its own. When paired with our companion guidebook, it transforms students’ lives through reflection, action, and discussion — and how it’s used on your campus is up to you.

Option One

Empower students through self-study

As a campus partner, you can invite students to take the TruMotivate assessment for free. This is the perfect time to recommend the companion guidebook and share a link so students can purchase it just like they would a textbook.

Option Two

Enhance academic and career advising

Support your academic advisors and career counselors in creating transformational experiences for students by integrating the TruMotivatement assessment into advising and distributing the guidebook as a personalized resource.

Option Three

Equip first-year experience leaders

First-year experience and new student orientation programs engage students and set them up for collegiate success. Integrating the guidebook into your programs equips leaders to facilitate impactful discussions and student development.

Using the Optimize Your College Experience student guidebook in your programs, advising or courses requires no special training and it can be used by academic advisors, career counselors, course instructors, program leaders, workshop facilitators, and even student workers.

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What’s In The Guidebook?




The Optimize Your College Experience student guidebook is part learning, part journaling, part workbook, and 100% centered on supporting students in their personal, academic, and professional growth.

It will help them find their place within your campus community, take advantage of everything your university has to offer, and align their college experience with a fulfilling career.

Chapter 1

Your Motivational Results

Students begin their personal exploration by diving deeper into their TruMotivate Assessment results to better understand their MCode and how their unique motivations play out, affecting how they think, the decisions they make, and what they do.

Chapter 2

Creating A Motivational Statement

Students discover how their motivations make them unique and what valuable contributions they are purposed for. Activities guide them through the process of creating a motivational statement that authentically expresses who they are.

Chapter 3

Belonging And Personal Fulfillment

Experiencing college at its best means finding belonging and fulfillment in campus engagements. Activities help students understand which engagements give and drain energy so they can perform at their best and find where they best fit on campus.

Chapter 4

High-Performance And Motivations

Students learn how their motivations affect productivity and performance in all areas of their lives. Activities lead them through the process of defining their Motivational High-Performance Zone and advocating for what they need to perform at their best.

Chapter 5

Resolve Conflict With Respect

Students discover the dynamics of conflict and the role bias plays in misunderstandings. Activities help them recognize conflict early and develop the vital listening and communication skills needed to resolve conflict and create positive outcomes.

Chapter 6

Career And Academic Major Exploration

Students find clarity on where they are in their journeys and where they want to go in the future. Activities facilitate career exploration and highlight how matching motivation with their major and career path can lead to greater happiness and satisfaction.

Chapter 7

Conversations With Parents And Influential Adults

Students gain insights into their relationships with influential adults and tools to engage in productive conversations about their futures. Activities help students gain the confidence needed to calmly and clearly discuss their decisions and seek support.

Chapter 8

Using Story In Interview Settings

Students uncover the power of their stories and how sharing achievements can help them stand out in interviews. Activities walk students through a simple approach to crafting impactful, memorable stories that engage interviewers in meaningful discussions.

Chapter 9

Turn An Internship Into An Opportunity

Students identify ways to own their internship experience and open doors to new opportunities. Activities help them understand the value they contribute, identify the outcomes they desire, develop professional relationships, and apply what they learn.

Chapter 10

Find The Right Work Roles And Environments

Students identify work roles and responsibilities that align with their motivations and drive to do their best. Activities guide them through the exploration of work environments and cultures so they can see which challenge them and which allow them to thrive.

Chapter 11

Create Successful Outcomes Within Groups

Students explore the value and impact of others so they can set group projects up for success. Activities provide insights into how each group member is motivated, how they can best contribute, and how to collaborate productively to produce successful outcomes.

Chapter 12

Develop Your Leadership Skills

Students learn the characteristics of successful leaders and how to inspire others to rally behind a clear vision. Activities help them understand how to lead team members who are motivated in different ways, encourage collaboration, and celebrate wins.

Chapter 13

Become The CEO Of Your Life

Students discover what it means to be the CEO of their lives. Activities guide them through personal reflection and the identification of future aspirations so they can express their value and impact with clarity and confidence in every situation.

Image of the TruMotivate Guidebook

Support students as they become the best versions of themselves

The Optimize Your College Experience student guidebook gives students the opportunity to reflect on their MCode — what drives them and why they do what they do — through 30 hands-on activities that help them apply their unique motivational makeup to real-world situations.

The result? Students will be able to articulate their value, become strong self-advocates, and understand how to cultivate meaning, belonging, satisfaction, and fulfillment in their college experience, work, and everyday life.

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