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“We had the privilege of partnering with TruMotivate for the first university adoption of this remarkable tool for transforming student experience. As a former Director of Career Services and a current supervisor of professional academic advisors, I am excited about the broad potential for this assessment to be a part of our legacy to students. Our team co-led the roll-out to our new students as a part of their orientation.  Northwestern has also used TruMotivate in student leadership classes and staff/faculty professional development. TruMotivate will continue to be imbedded in our academic and career counseling. It is very satisfying to see the impact on student’s lives as they share their stories, discover their motivations, and apply those “aha” moments to a plan for their futures.”

Sarah Arthur
Assistant Dean for CGOAL, University of Northwestern – St Paul

Science Behind TruMotivate

TruMotivate was developed based on 60 years of SIMA* science using motivational assessment to gain powerful career insights with executive and C-suite leaders at major corporations and organizations, such as NASA, IBM, Disney, Dupont, Merck, etc. We’ve adapted this motivational assessment approach to young adults and made it scalable through technology. Decades of research has come together for the first time to provide students deeper insights about their individual motivations and how they align with college and career planning.


  • TruMotivate provides easily understandable and meaningful indicators of core motivation.
  • TruMotivate Demonstrates strong face validity, creating a positive experience for students.


  • Core motivation scales and scores measure motivational themes with strong consistency.
  • TruMotivate meets scientific standards with an alpha coefficients above 80.
  • The alpha coefficient range for all 72 themes is .82 – .90 strong reliability overall.


  • Core motivation scales measure their intended construct, as proven across numerous statistical analyses.
  • TruMotivate motivational themes meet scientific standards as shown by factor analysis and correlations with the Big-5 personality measure.

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