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Peer Facilitators Guide

The guide for all Peer Facilitators. Designed to help provide extra support in debriefs and activities.

27 Motivations

The complete list of all 27 Motivations. Includes families, characteristics, descriptions, work environments, and more.

Pair and Share Acitivity

Our most popular activity. This handout is designed for students to use their stories and others’ to practice identifying and applying motivations.


Watch Facilitator Training Videos

Learn more about TruMotivate and how to use it, and become a certified facilitator by completing the online tutorials.

For initial access, you will receive a welcome email from Thinkific, our training site, inviting you to create a password to access the training videos. The set-up link will expire in a few days, so please login as soon as possible or request a new link via Customer Support when you are ready.  After you set up your online training password, you can access the videos at any time through the Quick Link above.

Customer Support

If you have any technical or customer support questions or need to purchase additional codes, contact us through the Quick Link above.  We also provide our Customer Support form here, or in the footer of the web page 


3 Students Express Trumotivate Impact

Hear three students express how TruMotivate has impacted them.

ONET & TruMotivate

Learn how TruMotivate incorporates the ONET in our reports as they relate to making career decisions.

Student Produced TruMotivate Video

A video about TruMotivate, produced by students who used the tool.

Welcome to TruMotivate

Hear how the assessment works and what TruMotivate is all about.

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