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Higher enrollment rates.

Enhanced student advising.

Stronger campus engagement.

Elevated student experiences.

Improved student retention.

Increased graduation rates.

Better student success stories.

Greater alumni engagement.

It’s all possible when students are introduced to TruMotivate.

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Assessments Are Free

We believe every student deserves the clarity TruMotivate provides

Understanding motivation and how it affects every aspect of school work, and life is game-changing.

We are so confident in the transformational experience the TruMotivate assessment provides for students, and the ripple effect it has across campuses, that we’ve made it a free resource for campus partners.

Yep! You read that right.

Bringing TruMotivate to your campus and sharing it with your students is absolutely free when you become a campus partner.

And no, there’s no catch and no hidden fees.

We’ve removed the cost burden for campuses because we know giving students tools like TruMotivate is a long-term play, and that the value of our assessment is realized over time. We also know that helping you enhance your impact on student lives and college experiences, increases the likelihood of student success and leads to happier, more satisfied and fulfilled adults.

Learning more and getting started is simple. The first step is an exploratory conversation with our team.

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Maximize Impact With Our Guidebook

Encourage students to apply their TruMotivate results

Encourage students to apply their TruMotivate results

While students don’t need our Optimize Your College Experience student guidebook to benefit from our assessment and their personalized results, we highly recommend it as a companion to the TruMotivate assessment!

Think of our student guidebook as a textbook or workbook you might recommend to a student.

With 13 chapters, 30 activities, and 225+ pages, the guidebook leads students through the process of reflecting on their results, clarifying their next steps, and confidently owning who they are and how they best contribute to the world around them. It builds upon assessment results to help students apply their MCode — what motivates them to be their best — in focused areas like:

Self-awareness and self-management.

Academic major and career path exploration.

Communication and conflict resolution.

Productivity and high-performance.

Leadership, mindset, and group dynamics.

Interview preparation, internships, and work.

Students can purchase a guidebook through this website for $49.95 + shipping. To place a bulk order, reach out to our team.

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