Program Services

We offer a variety of services based on your campus needs.   

Designed to be affordable and scalable, we equip you with the resources you need to impact all your students.  


Assessments & Training


Student Sessions


Professional Development


Program Development

Assessments and Training 

Our online portal automates the assessment process to increase the efficiency and scalability of your assessment management. Administrators will also be provided login access to in-depth training and resources.

  • Assessments to assign, track, and view
  • Facilitator training videos, guides, and resources

Student Sessions

Meet the needs of all your students with this invaluable service provided by our TruMotivate team. Our weekly overview sessions help students better understand their motivations and our monthly workshops assist students with integrating TruMotivate into their career exploration and preparation process. Providing this service to your students allows you to scale TruMotivate with limited staff capacity.

  • Weekly TruMotivate overview sessions
  • Monthly career preparation workshops

Professional Development 

Investing in the professional development of your staff and faculty will increase engagement and enhance your TruMotivate program. We offer three levels of certifications.

  • Certified Facilitator
  • Certified Master Coach
  • Certified Team Trainer

Program Development 

Adopting TruMotivate throughout your university creates cross-campus collaboration designed to transform the student experience. Our TruMotivate team will partner with you to tailor the TruMotivate experience to grow your school’s impact on the students you serve.

Examples of our Motivational Applications include:  

  • Staff and Faculty team engagements to help build stronger teams
  • Curriculum and program development to build the benefits of motivation into campus initiatives, courses and additional programs.
  • Ongoing support every step of the way as you implement TruMotivate in a variety of applications on your campus.

“We had the privilege of partnering with TruMotivate for the first university adoption of this remarkable tool for transforming student experience. As a former Director of Career Services and a current supervisor of professional academic advisors, I am excited about the broad potential for this assessment to be a part of our legacy to students. Our team co-led the roll-out to our new students as a part of their orientation.  Northwestern has also used TruMotivate in student leadership classes and staff/faculty professional development. TruMotivate will continue to be imbedded in our academic and career counseling. It is very satisfying to see the impact on student’s lives as they share their stories, discover their motivations, and apply those “aha” moments to a plan for their futures.”

Sarah Arthur
Assistant Dean for CGOAL, University of Northwestern – St Paul  

About the Assessment

TruMotivate is a first of its kind assessment that helps students and young adults discover their top core motivations using their own stories. The personalized report is mapped to O*NET for powerful career exploration to introduce them to various career path possibilities. When students understand what motivates them and why they are more likely to find satisfaction in their work on life.

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