Refund and return policy


The TruMotivate assessment is free for campus partners to share with students and free for students to complete. There are no refunds or returns available for any type of assessment experience.


All student guidebook purchases are final. We do not offer refunds or returns for individual purchases or for bulk orders.

If your guidebook arrives damaged, you may or may not qualify for a replacement. While it’s not a definitive answer, the best answer is that our response depends on the level of damage. If your guidebook is unsalvageable or unusable, we’re happy to send you a new one.

Start by reaching out to our student support team to let them know your guidebook was damaged. They’ll ask you to send them a picture or two of the damaged book and will require photos of the specific damage to assess your situation. If it meets our criteria for replacement, we’ll ship a new one to you.