Student Story

How Abby Found Her Own Path To Excellence


Abby is a graduate student at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill working toward her Master of Arts in Accounting.

Group Projects Were Frustrating

During group projects, Abby found there were times the group “was robbing themselves of the impact they had the ability to make” because everyone wasn’t giving their best. 

Everyone has unique gifts, which she believes should be used to “make the coolest impact possible.” If the group isn’t pursuing excellence, she feels as if time is being wasted.

Her TruMotivate Ah-Ha

When reviewing her Top 5 Motivations, the stand out for Abby was, Do It Right. As someone who seeks excellence, she shared that it resonated deeply and felt spot on and said, “I want to be excellent and I want the things I participate in and create to also be excellent.”

Excellence And Her College Experience

Completing the TruMotivate assessment helps you better understand yourself — where you thrive and struggle, where you find joy and frustration, and what thoughts, decisions, and behaviors lead to feelings of happiness, fulfillment, and deep satisfaction.

In her own words…

“I felt seen by my Top 5 Motivations. It’s easy in college to get caught up in the performance treadmill. There comes a time, though, when people realize that we aren’t destined to be on the same treadmill.

It’s not a secret that we are all designed differently. People find fulfillment in different ways in the workplace, education, and professional endeavors, and the results of the TruMotivate assessment help provide validation for that. [It reveals] strengths and callings and what enables people to be content with their strengths and callings.”

Get Inspired!

Where do you feel like you might be running on someone else’s treadmill or chasing someone else’s dreams? As with Abby, your TruMotivate report can help you figure out where you find your greatest fulfillment and make the biggest impact on the world around you.

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