Student Story

How Emily Dug Herself Out Of A College Rut


Emily graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Pre-Medical Biology and a minor in Sociology from Columbus State University. During her senior year, she was uncertain about her next move.

She wanted to go for her Master’s degree but wasn’t sure of the area of study, so she used all of the resources available on campus.

In her own words…

“I did research, I talked to professors, and I swear I went to the Career Center, like, twelve times — they all know me by name now. I was just trying to figure out the right direction, and then one of the Career Center representatives signed me up for TruMotivate.”

TruMotivate Energized Emily

Two of Emily’s Top 5 Motivations — Make an Impact and Collaborate really resonated. She shared that she wants to be a servant leader, build her community, and have a positive influence. She also recognized that she’s not alone, and instead, working within the community and through others.

Deciding what action to take when you’re down in the dumps and struggling to find motivation can be tough but with her TruMotivate results in hand, Emily gained the insights needed to clarify her direction and next steps.

In her own words…

“It helped me most in the application process. I also used the assessment as a unique talking point in interviews so they can see that I am using more resources than most and really pulling from the resources available.”

Get Inspired!

Like Emily, you might feel lost or paralyzed in trying to stand apart from other candidates in interviews and applications. The good news is that no one knows your story better than you, and TruMotivate can help you articulate who you are so you can leave an impression. 

Turn every student into a success story!

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