Student Story

How Jack Gained Clarity About What He Enjoys Doing


Jack, a University of Illinois – Chicago student, studied Economics with a minor in Computer Science. Today, he is an intern for the Summerfield Zoo Marketing Department.

Jack considers himself an improvement-driven person who thrives in environments that foster collaboration and idea-building.

Jack Changed His Job Search Direction

The craze of the digital age and high-paying status originally had Jack considering an IT job. But after taking the TruMotivate assessment, he felt strongly that going in that direction would not be the best choice. 

In his own words…

“I would’ve never thought that Make It Work was of my motivations but it’s accurate. Knowing that [my driver] is me being part of the process they already had and that being part of the process is something I am good at, helped me feel more aware of my strengths.”

Jack knows now that his career path must include an environment that focuses on improvement and a place where he can thrive tackling challenges that put his natural problem-solving skills to work. So while working at a Zoo wasn’t on Jack’s radar, it jumped out immediately as an interesting opportunity.

TruMotivate Helped Jack Shine In Interviews And Land An Internship

Before TruMotivate, Jack’s resume had the traditional array of experiences common for any college student. But now, his resume is customized to include his motivational drive so he stands out. 

Jack leveraged his motivations and complementing strengths to successfully secure his internship. He highlighted his uniqueness by expressing himself with intention, explaining his motivations, and tailoring his communication to the desired position. 

Get Inspired!

Jack used his Motivational Statement to describe the impact of his MCode in his internship over the summer. If you’re applying to internships, updating a resume, or simply explaining your course decisions to family members, your own Motivational Statement can help you articulate what activities bring you satisfaction!

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