Student Story

How Kaia Found Her Passion For Graphic Design


Kaia is a student at Grand Canyon University studying Graphic Design, with a minor in Marketing and Advertising.

As a high school junior, Kaia felt the pressure of choosing a career path and dodged questions like, “What’s next after High School?” and “What degree will you pursue?“ It left her feeling overwhelmed, and even though she had a rehearsed response, Kaia wasn’t completely sold on the idea herself.

TruMotivate Gave Kaia Clarity

Kaia leveraged her newfound MCode to gain better clarity and understanding of what drives her behavior and decisions, and what she truly finds satisfaction in doing. 

In her own words…

“I’m always trying to push beyond and exceed the goals I set for myself, so I think the motivations Excel and Meet The Challenge were absolutely on point. Finish and Make An Impact are also perfectly aligned with who I am as a person because I’m someone who enjoys completing projects that allow me to have the creative space to make a distinct impression on others.”

Her TruMotivate Ah-Ha

Kaia applies her motivational results to her work at the university’s Career Center, where she is fulfilled by helping students build standout resumes so they too can excel and meet challenges head-on.

In her own words…

“We start with a research phase where I ask questions about a student’s major and what they’ve done so far for work experience and help them understand what their achievements are. Then, I help them excel by finding the perfect words to not only explain their personality and work experiences but also their personal story. Finally, I make sure they’ve met the challenge of creating their resume and getting a well-done result.”

Get Inspired!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or lost with all of the career decisions to be made in college, you’re not alone. As with Kaia, your TruMotivate results will help you hone in on the things that bring you satisfaction and drive you to be the best version of yourself. 

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