Student Story

How Kelsi Identified Her Best Fit Work Environment

Kelsi Stewart

Kelsi had already graduated from Elon University when she took the TruMotivate assessment. She liked that it was based on her own stories, which she had never experienced in an assessment before.

Because she had never before been asked to share what was satisfying about an experience, choosing her stories was a bit of a challenge. She skipped stories of doing something cool or being good at something and instead, looked for times she felt a sense of satisfaction or fulfillment.

TruMotivate Helped Kelsi Better Understand Herself

Kelsi loved that her results were unique to her, that no one else has the exact same results, and that she finally had an answer to the question of “Who am I?” 

In her own words…

“The motivation Meet Needs answered so many questions. I’m always willing to help people out, be there for them, problem solve, and offer a shoulder to cry on. Achieve Potential also struck a chord because I definitely saw a pattern in my behavior. As someone who wants to bring out the best in others, I want that to show in my work.”

TruMotivate helped Kelsi identify the type of work environments where she will thrive. Plus, learning how she shows up in the world, the unique value she brings to the table, and how both fit into her career was helpful in confirming her chosen path.

Kelsi Discovered The Type Of Company She Fits In Best With

With the help of her MCode, Kelsi realized that she would do well in an organization that values mentorship and bringing out the best in people — a company that really focuses on building relationships and fostering personal and professional growth.

Get Inspired!

TruMotivate is handy for more than just deciding a major! Like Kelsi, you can use your MCode to help identify what value you add to a team and how to leverage that value as a impactful leader.

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