Student Story

How Sara’s Motivations Clarified Her Career Path


Sara, a student at Gustavus Adolphus College, was introduced to the TruMotivate assessment in her class about Designing A Future Career. The class provided access to a variety of personality and interest quizzes to help her discover her ideal career.

Sara’s Career Path Was Unclear

Like most first-year students, Sara was indecisive about her future. While other assessments provided limited or general results, TruMotivate stood out because it provided more comprehensive and helpful results.

TruMotivate Fostered Confidence

Sara shares that she was “really surprised by how accurate and individualized the results were.” The personalized insights from the report helped boost her self-confidence when applying for jobs and internship opportunities. Understanding her top motivations helped her to better articulate what drives her.

In her own words…

“TruMotivate helped me envision the workplace that I want to work in based on what motivates me. Now, when reading the description of an internship I can correlate their values and what the workplace is like with what I would do based on my motivations.”

Sara Now Understands Her Value

TruMotivate helped Sara uncover her top motivations — the drivers that lead to her best work and deepest satisfaction. She now better understands her unique strengths and challenges and feels confident sharing who she is and the value she contributes in a positive way during interviews.

Get Inspired!

If you’re feeling indecisive like Sara, the TruMotivate assessment can clarify your career path too by helping you understand what motivates you to do your best work, what brings you deep satisfaction, and what careers will bring you the most happiness.

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