Student Resources

Welcome to TruMotivate! We’re excited to partner with you in bringing our tool to your campus. As part of the partnership, we have provided guides to give you in-depth knowledge about TruMotivate and to help you prepare for success when advocating for the tool with your administration.

Some of the documents you’ll find include:

  • Sample Report and Summary Report: an example of both the full and summary reports a user receives after taking the assessments.
  • A Look into the Motivations: a list of all 27 motivations with a closer look at a few motivations in-depth
  • Benefits for Students: a document designed by students who currently work with TruMotivate to help you advocate the student voice.
  • Overview of TRUMOTIVATE: Who are we? Where did we come from? What are our goals?

Speaking with Administration

You know your campus. You’ve probably had lunch with the President or coffee with Career Services. We’ve put together a space filled with tips for bringing a discussion about the TruMotivate tool to the table.

Our biggest tip is that you write an email to your administrator talking about your experience, using these key points and tips to explain how and why TruMotivate will be impactful for students at your school. Whether it’s the President or Vice President, Career or Student Services, you have the upper hand with a student’s voice when it comes to speaking with administrators. They will be able to appreciate the effect of TruMotivate and the benefit it brings you. Each of the documents below helps you connect with a specific administration and gives you key points on how to relate your experience and the TruMotivate tool to their roles.

Supporting Documents

These are what we like to call the supporting documents; they’re the icing on the cake, the cherry on the ice cream. We’ve created these documents to provide more background about TruMotivate for your administration. They reveal the impact of this tool on other college students and how it’s benefitted them. We’ve also included a Next Steps sheet that will provide them with contact information with our TruMotivate team, whether they’re ready to move forward in partnership or if they simply have more questions.

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