The TruMotivate impact

Enrich Student Lives

When a student is at their best, the future is bright

When a student is at their best life, they excel in their academics, flourish in their participation within the campus community, thrive in their internships or work, and bloom in their relationships. They live their best lives and lay the groundwork for a brighter future.

Campuses, academic advisors, career counselors, parents, and influential adults all play a role in supporting students and develop, grow, and gain valuable life experience — and they all benefit from TruMotivate.

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The TruMotivate Difference

TruMotivate isn’t a mere personality assessment or career aptitude test.

It doesn’t just tell a student what they’re good at and provide sort-of-relevant insights about their strengths (which they likely already know).

TruMotivate is a first-of-its-kind assessment that uses a student’s own stories of accomplishments and satisfaction to provide a map of who a student is and what drives them — and it’s backed by 60+ years of world-class science and the evaluation of more than one million achievement stories from people of all ages from all walks of life.

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The result?

Accurate, relevant, deeply personal OMG-that’s-me results that are immediately applicable to a student’s education, work, life, and relationships. And the benefits are magnified when paired with our student guidebook — a workbook that helps them apply their results to real life and optimize their college experience.

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TruMotivate for Higher Education

In higher education, you’re in business to provide students an opportunity to acquire in-depth knowledge and skills in a chosen field, and that learning is often viewed as preparation for securing a successful career and becoming a productive member of society. But the true value of college lies outside the classroom in who the student becomes as a result of their experience.

With TruMotivate you have the opportunity to increase student impact and ensure every student experiences college at its best.

Because our assessment helps students better understand who they are, how they’re driven, what they derive satisfaction from, and which majors and careers are the right fit, gifting your students TruMotivate can be transformative.

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Helping students better understand themselves shows you care about who they are and what makes them special, about their happiness and ability to find belonging within your campus community, and about their success. It also helps faculty, leaders, and staff engage students in meaningful ways and support them in making the best decisions when selecting a campus, declaring a major, choosing a career path, and getting involved in campus organizations, events, and activities.

The truth is that students with a strong sense of self and a clear direction are more engaged, emotionally-connected, successful students. And those students come back year after year, graduate with success, enjoy rewarding and satisfying careers, and become active and loyal alumni supporters.

Bringing TruMotivate to your campus leads to:

Higher enrollment rates and improved retention.

Enhanced student advising experiences.

Stronger, more meaningful campus engagement.

Increased graduation and job placement rates.

Better success stories and alumni engagement.

TruMotivate for Academic Advisors And Career Counselors

Those who work in student support services do so because they want to make a difference in students’ lives. But when you’re responsible for hundreds or even thousands of students, it can be difficult to connect on a level deep enough to do so.

TruMotivate changes the game by empowering academic advisors and career counselors to not only provide meaningful and transformational support in less time, but to provide that level of support to more students than ever before.

With access to a student’s TruMotivate report, advisors gain insights on what drives a student, what matters to them, what gives them satisfaction, and what types of career paths and majors they are uniquely purposed for. This provides the perfect foundation for critical discussions and highly personalized advising experiences — and when advising is rewarding for your staff and actionable for students, everyone wins.

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Students feel seen and heard and confident about their next steps, and advisors and counselors are reminded why they chose this profession in the first place. This results in greater job satisfaction, less burnout, and higher retention rates.

Using TruMotivate to enhance student support services leads to:

Understanding and connecting with individual students on a deeper level.

Discovering what motivates, energizes, and lights up each student.

Providing specific, relevant, and actionable academic and career support.

Facilitating transformational experiences that positively impact students’ futures.

Clarifying majors and careers paths with support from O*Net and My Next Move.

Helping students create and manage their unique paths to success.

TruMotivate for Students

Students, especially those in their first year, are often overwhelmed by all of the options and resources available and the decisions they must make. From choosing their career path, major, and classes, to figuring out where they fit into the campus community, it can feel like a lot.

TruMotivate reduces overwhelm and uncertainty by helping students better understand themselves, what drives them, and how they show up in the world so they can figure out their best path forward.

Because the truth is, students can show up, go to class, get good grades, graduate, and get a good job, and still not feel happy or fulfilled. They can also be using their core strengths and still feel unsatisfied, as if something is missing.

And that’s because something is missing!

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Motivation is the secret sauce that gives students insight into who they are, the strengths they have, and why they matter. It’s the key to discovering why they think the way they think, make the decisions they make, and act the way they act. It reveals why a student finds joy or frustration in certain situations, and why they find certain tasks easy and others challenging.

When a student understands their motivations, they can become a self-advocate and design their schedule, education, work, and life around what motivates, inspires, and energizes them — and that’s when they show up at their best and feel greater belonging, happiness, success, and fulfillment.

TruMotivate helps students:

Uncover who they are and how they’re motivated.

Amplify their unique value, talents, and strengths in all areas of their lives.

Unlock their potential. perform at their best, and shine.

Find their best-fit majors and career paths.

Wake up every day excited about what they get to do.

Communicate and collaborate effectively.

Differentiate themselves in interviews to stand out.

TruMotivate for Parents

College requires a significant investment of money, time, effort, energy, and focus. And it’s natural for parents to want a positive ROI on their child’s college education in the form of a satisfying and fulfilling career and a happy life. But sometimes, that desire can lead to worry about your child’s academics, coursework, career path, and major decisions.

With TruMotivate, parents can feel confident and secure in their child’s major and career path decisions and their ability to take charge of their life and future.

TruMotivate, especially when experienced in their first year, helps students step onto campus and into adulthood with confidence and clarity because it first helps them understand who they are, where they belong, and the why that drove all of their most meaningful and significant achievements to this point.

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This fundamental understanding paired with aligned major and career recommendations gives students the language they need to communicate openly and honestly with their parents. It gives them tools to become proactive problem solvers who can advocate for themselves and seek support when needed, and encourages them to take advantage of everything college has to offer — everything included in the tuition parents are already paying for.

TruMotivate helps parents rest easy by helping their child:

Gain confidence, become more self-aware, and advocate for what they need.

Understand how they can best contribute value and where they best fit on campus.

Manage their schedule, obligations, homework, and responsibilities effectively.

Grow and develop into a self-sufficient, independent adult.

Proactively use the support and resources available to them on campus.

Prepare for internship and job interviews and differentiate themselves from other candidates.

Optimize The College Experience

When students use and apply TruMotivate, they are happier, more engaged, and deeply fulfilled. With a deep understanding of their value, they reject mediocrity and strive for greatness. They confidently own who they are, shine bright, go all-in on everything they do, and don’t quit.

Help every student be an amazing student and optimize their college experience by bringing TruMotivate to your campus.

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