Student Story

How Sarah Found New Job Opportunities


Sarah is a Graduate student at Belhaven University. She took the TruMotivate assessment to help her boss learn how best to work with her. Based on that experience, Sarah saw how the assessment results could help her decide what she wanted to do in her career.

Sarah Learned What Lights Her Up 

When reviewing her results, Sarah’s boss pointed out her eagerness to help and say yes to people, as well as the fact that she wouldn’t find genuine satisfaction in what she was doing unless she left a lasting impression.

The motivation that resonated with Sarah most was Meet Needs which confirmed her dislike of telling someone no. She shares, “If I see a need, I like to help where I can.” This reassurance was crucial for Sarah, as she was currently reconsidering her next career move as a recruiter. 

Her results helped her realize she wouldn’t find fulfillment in that type of job unless she is given the opportunity to pour herself into her recruits over time and see lasting change.

Sarah didn’t know what she wanted to do and was exploring a lot of different types of career paths. Playing soccer often as an extracurricular activity, she began to consider becoming a coach.

In her own words…

“I can take being a soccer coach and meet the needs of the people I coach or the people around me… and there would be a lasting effect with that. I think that knowing these motivations now, it helps me in my process of pouring myself into my players. Knowing these needs now and where I am, it helps me to do my job correctly.”

Get Inspired!

Just like Sarah, you too can use the TruMotivate assessment and MCode results to forge ahead on the path right for you. You can feel empowered and confident when you realize your purpose and fulfillment in life! 

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