Student Story

How Piper Personalized Her College Experience


Piper, a student at Hanover College in Indiana, was questioning her major choice. She picked education because that’s what she’s always wanted to do but lately was wondering if it was the right choice.

Piper Worried About Her Major Choice

Stressed, uncertain, and worried about spending another year in the wrong major, Piper was looking for career guidance. She had taken some career tests and personality assessments in High School and her first year of college but shared: “I didn’t find those assessments super helpful… they simply didn’t provide me with insights on if I made the right major choice.”

To strengthen her self-confidence and better understand why she chose to pursue education, she tried TruMotivate. 

Piper Found A Clear Path Forward

After completing the TruMotivate assessment, Piper felt reassured she chose the right major and was on the right path. She learned that her love for Education stems from finding meaning and satisfaction in making a big and lasting impact in her community — and she can do that by sharing her knowledge to help shape future generations.

In her own words…

“I have never seen anything like this before. It was really cool to tell my own stories and get personalized results — it was almost scary how accurate it was!

After going through my motivational results, I immediately saw how my motivations resonate with who I am and what brings me joy. This helped me understand why I’m attracted to Education, in particular, and that I want to meet the challenge and reach those expectations for myself more than anyone else. This realization was truly relieving and helped me take the stress off.”

Get Inspired!

Conversations about college and careers with people in our lives whom we love can be hard and stressful. The best way to beat the stress is to be prepared, just like Piper! Your MCode can give you all the language and insight you need to feel confident in who you are and what brings you joy. 

Turn every student into a success story!

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