Student Story

How Jayme Used Motivation To Balance College Life


Jayme is a student at Davidson College who has a passion for ecology. She took the TruMotivate assessment after a friend recommended it and saw the effects of better understanding herself.

Putting A Name To A Face

Among her Top 5 Motivations, the clear standout was Achieve Potential.

In her own words…

“I never really thought about achieving potential as something I find to be satisfying. But then, looking at all of the things that I have liked before and how I like making something that could be better, better – I like how that motivation resonated.”

Pairing Motivation And Energy

The Motivational Chart reveals a personalized ranking of all of your motivations. It helps you identify the difference between your most and least energizing motivations. Jayme believes this ranking can impact college students from a satisfaction perspective:

In her own words…

“It affects how you use each of these motivations. If I was taking a class that wasn’t very interesting to me, I would think about the aspects that match up with my ‘love-to-do” and then separate it from the aspects that match ‘can-dos.’”

Jayme found a way to approach her daily classes feeling empowered and confident that she “can do this and do it well.” She is now proactively adjusting her schedule to take into account both things she loves to do and things that she can do but are less motivating.

Get Inspired!

If the chaos of college life has you paralyzed like Jayme, review your Motivational Chart to see where you might need to balance out the things in your life that bring you joy versus the things that might be burning you out. 

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