Student Story

How Lily Found Belonging And New Connections


Lily is studying psychology at Belhaven University and knows that finding ways to fit in among a crowd of new faces and personalities is tricky. With the help of TruMotivate, however, Lily learned how to better describe herself to others. This made things, like starting conversations with people she didn’t know, much easier.

Belonging Led To Collegiate Success

Lily is adamant that: “Everyone should do this assessment at least once in their life! As a Freshman, I wasn’t very plugged in. I wasn’t involved. Now, I feel like I do everything around campus.” 

Lily’s confidence has soared as she continues to share her impact on other students as a result of her experience with TruMotivate.

TruMotivate Helped Lily Lean Into Her Leadership Skills

Lily is responsible for a group of first-year students during the beginning week of school. A month into the semester, she offers them an opportunity to take the TruMotivate assessment so they can discover their motivations and explore how they can create a sense of belonging.

“We talk about it with them and let them know they really do have a friend here,” Lily says. She emphasizes that the report gives her a chance to go deeper than surface-level conversations and create a sense of belonging on campus for herself and her peers.

In her own words…

“Digging into who you are as a person helps you see where you can fit into certain areas around campus. And it doesn’t have to be everywhere! You’re going to fit in different places than other people will.”

Get Inspired!

When you feel overwhelmed with all the possibilities or feel lost in the crowd on campus, look to Lily’s story to see how TruMotivate can help you find your place on campus, a sense of belonging, and deep fulfillment in your college experience.

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