Student Story

How Shania Confirmed Her Career Path


Shania completed the TruMotivate assessment as a student at the University of Oklahoma on the pre-med track. She had heard about other online assessments but none felt like a fit.

Shania Confirmed The Right Track

While most students experience TruMotivate in late high school or the first year of college, Shania was already in her senior year when she completed the assessment — and it was enlightening! She really thought about how she answered the questions, and when she saw that Make an Impact was one of her top motivations, she knew the report would be good. 

TruMotivate Highlighted Shania’s Purpose

Unsurprisingly, the motivational results Shania received perfectly aligned with her chosen career path. She shared that her results validated her decision because her motivations align with who doctors are and what doctors are for: making an impact.

In her own words…

“Everyone at any stage of life should take this assessment, but when it comes to college, this is something that should be put into action for first-year students. It would help so many college students get to a place where they are majoring in something that has to do with what they actually want.”

There’s nothing more empowering than taking control of your story and your destiny. It’s never too late to take advantage of TruMotivate and use your newfound clarity to write the tale you’ve dreamed of.

Get Inspired!

You may have found your dream job in your internship, and like Shania, are just waiting for that extra encouragement and push to make this the full-time career you pursue. With your MCode in hand, there’s nothing stopping you from taking charge of your story and your future!

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